History of our school


Scoil Naomh Maodhóg is situated in West Cavan approximately four miles from the border.  It is a small school with a total of seventy six pupils and four teachers, two male and two female.  It is a mixed school with 3 classroom teachers and a Learning Support teacher based here.  Traditionally it was a four-teacher school but it became a three-teacher school in 1989 when a teacher who retired was not replaced due to a decreasing population in the area.  We have fluctuated between three and four teachers ever since.  We moved up to a four-teacher school most recently in February 2010 but unfortunately have reverted to three in recent years.


It is located in the townland of Killycluggin in the Parish of Templeport in West Cavan.  The area is known for agriculture, particularly mixed farming.  The school is about three miles from Ballyconnell which is the nearest town and is in the Parish of Kildallan, which is adjacent to Templeport.  The parish church is approximately half a mile away.  The Parish of Templeport is renowned for its history and this is clearly shown by the replica of the Killycluggin Stone sited beside the school.  This Stone dates from the early Celtic period and was found in the fields behind the school.  It is now to be found in the County Museum in Ballyjamesduff.  The school is called after the Patron Saint of the Parish, St. Mogue, translated as St. Aidan or St. Hugh.


The old schoolhouse was built in 1943 when the school was a two-teacher school.  The schoolhouse consisted of two schoolrooms, two cloakrooms, one staff toilet, a wet area with two sinks and one spare room which was converted into a strong-room which stored the school’s equipment e.g., photocopier etc.  The classrooms were heated by two great stoves and the furniture was mostly the old-styled benches.  Two prefabs were added on in 1968 when the school amalgamated with another nearby school (Porturlan).  The toilets for the children were outdoor and were built with the school in 1943.


In 1993, the Department of Education sanctioned the building of a new school and it was built on the site of the old building which was demolished. 


The new school was officially opened on June 3rd 1994, by the then Taoiseach, Mr. Albert Reynolds, T.D. and was a welcome improvement in terms of comfort and facilities.


Due to small increase in numbers, a fourth teacher was appointed in September, 1998 and we have fluctuated between three and four mainstream teachers ever since.  It was after the granting of a fourth mainstream post in 2010 that a large extension was added to the school.  The building now consists of four large classrooms with children’s toilets, a G.P. Hall, a Staff Room, a small Resource Room, 2 Staff Toilets, a Caretaker’s Room, a Learning Support room, an E.S.B. room, two Storage Rooms, Secretary’s Office and Principal’s Office.  There are toilets at the side of the G.P. room which children can also access from outside during breaks.  The classrooms are centrally heated. 


The official opening of the new extension


Outside facilities include a basketball court and two fair sized grassed areas for football, running etc.  We also improved the parking facilities at the school along the main road in 2008.


We are delighted to be able to avail of the services of a resource teacher, who is shared with other schools and a learning support teacher, as mentioned earlier, who is based here.