Science Week

For Science Week, we did a floating and sinking experiment.

Halloween Fun

We dressed up for Halloween and we did a "Heating and Cooling Experiment".  You can see the pictures below - it was a delicious experiment!!

Our Outdoor Sand Pit

The Junior Infants were delighted to try out the new ourdoor sand pit on their first day at school!  Welcome to Eve, Amy, Katie, Oran, Jack, Conor and Kevin.

Horse Chestnut and Oak Trees

We learned all about the horse chestnut tree.  The leaf looks like a hand.  We planted conkers in milk cartons.  One day they will be huge horse chestnut trees. 
First class planted acorns.  These are different seeds.  They will grow a different tree called oak.  Oak trees can live up to a thousand years.

Wildflower Seeds

We planted wildflower seeds in our garden.  We coverd them with netting so the bird's won't eat them.  This is an experiment!  We hope to have lots of wildflowers in Spring.

Red Squirrel

We had a red squirrel at school one day.  Matthew, James and Kevin found it on the road.  Most of us had never seen a squirrel so close up.
"I'd never seen a squirrel before"  Aoibheann and Leon 1st class
"It was so cute"  Aimee 1st class
"His tail was as long as the back of his body and it was a red squirrel.  I think it was amazing cos I never saw a red squirrel or a grey squirrel before" Emma 1st Class

Apple Crumble

We had a wonderful Autumn harvest of apples on our trees.  We picked the apples and made delicious apple crumble. ......yum yum

Visitor in our Classroom

We had a very special visitor in our classroom recently - a beautiful ladybird that Emma found!  I think they made friends.

Hedgehog at School

A poor hedgehog was killed on the road.  Teacher brought it in so we could have a good look at it.  We saw it's spines, snout and feet.  It was really interesting.

Junior Christmas trip

We went to Longford to see a show called “Elfie saves Christmas”.  It was great fun and thankfully the goblins were not successful in their attempts to ruin Christmas and Santa should turn up faithfully toy-laden as usual!

On the way home we stopped off at a museum outside Ballinamore.  It was wonderful for the children to see some items that were used in homes and on farms in the past. There were many unusual items and perhaps you can help your child to spot some of them in the photographs in the gallery below…

-a blacksmith’s forge

-post office

- horse drawn carriage

-an old schoolroom

-a bench bed

-a toilet!

-an old shoe

-a baby’s bottle

-a toaster

-a spin drier

-a churn for making butter

-a spinning wheel



Trip to Glenview Folk Museum

Éilis and Matthew’s Nana came to see us at Hallowe’en.

Éilis and Matthew's nana told us about how Hallowe’en was when she was a child.

They had no costumes and she never saw a pumpkin till recent years. They made boxty out of potatoes and it was delicious. They played games on Hallowe’en night in the home together. Eileen stayed to show us how to play the games. We had great fun. Check out the gallery for the rest of the photos.


September walkabout 2018

We went out to explore our environment. We searched all around the school. We found all of the things on our worksheet.

Planting chestnuts

We planted chestnuts.  They will grow into horse chestnut trees. 

Gymnastics Display

12 April 2018

Our parents and some grandparents came in to see our gymnastics display.  It was fun to perform!

Watch our video below to see all the action.......


Visit from Baby Eli

27 April 2018

We had a very small visitor in our classroom. Eve’s new baby brother Eli was just over a week old when he came in to see us.  He is beautiful.  We noticed his tiny fingers and nails. He has no teeth yet and only a little hair. He cannot talk and cries to let his parents know if he needs something. He gripped Lily’s finger. We learned that he was born with this instinct and also knowing how to suck. He can only drink milk.  His body is very floppy because his muscles are weak and Eve has to be careful to support his head when she holds him. We can do lots of things that Eli cannot do yet. Gradually he will learn to babble and talk, to roll and walk and many,many other things!

We realised how much we have all grown and changed since we were born.

Eve’s Mum Yvonne answered all our questions about babies.

Spring visitor – The Vet

Luke’s Dad Michael is a vet. He came in to tell us about his work  especially in Springtime. We had lots of questions for him. We learned a lot about being a vet.

Shrove Tuesday 2018

First class made pancakes in the kitchen.

This involved weighing and measuring out ingredients, following a recipe and later procedural writing.

Learning can be delicious!

Planting seeds

22 March 2018

We planted seeds. We planted dwarf French beans, sunflowers and sweetpea.

We watered and put them on the window sill.

Horse chestnut trees

Most of our trees have grown.  We planted the conker seeds last October.

We are taking them home to plant in the garden where their roots will have more room.

They will grow into huge trees and bear conkers too.

Some fluffy visitors!

Thomas and his Mum showed us his little baby duckling, silkie and quails. The duckling was only 4 days old. They were very soft but they liked to peck! We saw little speckled quail eggs and a large duck egg too.  Thank you Theresa.

Garden update

We put straw under the strawberries to keep the fruit clean and dry. They’re delicious!

Many of our flowers are starting to bloom.


Junior tour

We had a great time on our trip to Tullyboy farm.

See Gallery for more photos.

School Garden

Work continues in our school garden.

Our sunflowers ready for planting out..


We planted seeds directly into the vegetable beds. We sowed carrots, spinach, peas and beetroot.

Here we are planting out our sweet pea plants to grow on frame.


(Img 1386 ,1387,1388,1389)

Water Safety

We had a visitor in our classroom.

Róisín taught us how to be safe in the water.



St. Patrick's Day

We made a tasty green treat for St Patrick’s Day. We used lots of green fruit and veg.


It was delicious! Sláinte!

A thirsty visitor!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!


Visit from Sr. Anna

Sr. Anna visited our school. We told her all about St. Brigid. We prayed together.


Little Green Fingers!

We planted seeds to grow fruit and vegetables in our garden.

Success! Our sunflower and sweetpea seedlings after two weeks.

It was soon time to plant out our broccoli and onions.


Visual Arts

We looked at the “Pop-art” works of American artist Andy Warhol and explored his life story.  The children recorded the following interesting facts.

1.    He loved to print.   (Ruairí)

2.    He wanted to be rich and famous.  (James M.)

3.    When he was little he was very sick.  (Donal)

4.    His Mam gave him tomato soup every day when he was little. He loved it. ( Finn)

5.    He had lots of cats and he named them all Sam. ( Mark)

6.    He had huge parties. Everybody wanted to go.  (James W.)

7.    A woman tried to shoot him but he survived.  (Séamus)

8.    He had lots of grey wigs and he put on a different wig every day. (Diarmuid)

We tried printing hibiscus flowers using peppers. We used paint and wax resist effects to complete our pieces.  We displayed them together as Andy Warhol’s painting might have appeared.

After the Concert....

Our concert is over.

I was very good.

I was an Innkeeper.

The concert was good.                                             


Finn’s News 19/12/16


It is six days till Christmas.

I was an Innkeeper.

I did Martial Arts.

My Mum said I was very good.

I loved it.                                                                    


Mark’s News 19/12/16


It is six days till Christmas Day.

The concert was brilliant.

I was good being an Innkeeper’s son.                  


Donal’s news 19/12/16


Science Experiments - Hot and Cold

We talked about hot things and cold things.

We made jelly to show what hot water can do.








We tried to make jelly with cold water. We watched and waited but it was unable to dissolve the jelly cubes. Then teacher tossed the jug on the floor by accident! The water was still clear and the jelly cubes were still the same.

















Next day we took the bowl out of the fridge. The jelly we had made with the hot water was now cold and hard but wobbly! We ate it with cold ice-cream –yummy!


Christmas Concert

There is great excitement as we prepare for the performance in the hall.  We all helped to paint the props.

The Nurse visits our classroom

Nurse Edel visited us. She said she was not afraid of blood.

She said that injections are not sore.

By Diarmuid McGovern


Nurse Edel visited us. She said injections have medicine to make you better. She said you would find green footsteps in the hospital.

By Ruairí McManus




November prayers

This month we remembered those we know who have died.


Hallowe’en is here!

We had great fun dressing up for charity.  See the gallery for close ups of all the spooks!

We baked a báirín breac.

The Senior Infants took to the kitchen to measure, pour, chop and mix. After an hour in the oven we just had to wait till it cooled before sampling and finding the ring!  Spot the future Nevin Maguires in the pictures below and in the gallery!

Planting a tree

We brought in milk cartons and planted conkers in them. We will have to wait till Spring for little trees to appear.

See gallery for more photos.

We met our Caretaker.

Our caretaker Michael came in to talk to us about his job and how we can help in caring for our school environment.  We promised to put all our rubbish in the correct bins and to sweep up the sand very carefully after playtime.

Autumn Walkabout – Sept ‘16

We took advantage of the Autumn sunshine to have a good look at our surroundings within the school grounds. The children had a checklist of creatures, flora and man made features to find.  Only the black beetle proved elusive – even though we had just evicted one from the classroom last week!

Grandad Séamus visits the Infant Room –Sept ‘16

Séamus came to talk to the children about family life long ago. He brought in a photograph of his family as young children which showed how much larger families were in the past. Séamus talked about how homes were different and how food, cooking, travel and school had all changed. The children had to imagine life without electricity, running water and toilets!