Our School Garden is Complete!

19/02/2017 18:32

The finished project.

A fantastic community effort on Saturday 18th February ensured that our school garden was completed in one day! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who worked so hard to create this amazing space for all the children in the school. A special word of thanks to Kieran McGovern and also Paul Maguire who had a huge amount of preparatory work completed on the fencing prior to Saturday, and also for power hosing the paths after the work. Thanks to everyone who supplied materials and equipment, and finally to Verna Mills, Maggie Geoghegan, Patricia McGovern, Karen McCauley and Patricia Maguire who kept the troops supplied with tea, soup, sandwiches and biscuits throughout the day!

The school garden is a great addition to our school facilities as it will provide practical "hands-on" learning for the children on how to grow local organic food and will demonstrate important examples of native habitats and bio-diversity. There will be plenty of work for 74 pairs of hands to get stuck into over the next few weeks!!

The gang taking a well deserved tea-break!

BEFORE                                                                      AFTER


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