Retirement Mass

11/02/2021 11:07

On Monday 21st December 2020, we gathered as a school community in St. Patrick's Church, Kilnavart to acknowledge all that Master McGowan has contributed to the education in St. Mogue’s national school over the last 26 years.  It was a lovely occasion to thank Brendan for his dedication and leadership and wish him  good health and happiness in his retirement.  Due to Covid restrictions our numbers at the mass were limited but everyone was able to join us on facebook live for this special occasion.  There were presentations on behalf of the staff, the Parents' Association and the Board of Management.  It was particularly nice that Brendan's parents, Mairtín and Betty, were in attendance along with his wife Caren and children-  as Mairtín and Betty were both teachers in Currin also.  One hunded years of teaching in Currin between them - surely a record there somewhere!  Our sincere thanks to for Fr. Seán for a really lovely ceremony. 

Thank you Brendan and very best wishes for the future!

See gallery section for photos from the day.