School Self Evaluation Report

03/10/2019 11:01


School self-evaluation is now an on-going process for all schools and provides an opportunity to us to look at an aspect or aspects of our teaching and learning in our school.  In previous years we have adapted the ‘Building Bridges of Comprehension’ as part of our Literacy Programme and we addressed problem-solving as an area that we were concerned about in maths.


In 2018/2019, we drew up a school improvement plan for P.E. incorporating the ‘Fundamental Movement Skills Programme’.


Our Schools Inspector visited us towards the end of the last school year and advised us on some strategies going forward.

We have found that our School Improvement Plans for Comprehension (English) and problem solving were very useful but we will be revisiting them this year to see what areas can be improved upon.  Our P.E. plan was quite detailed and we will narrow down the targets that we have set and try to reach them all over a 3-year period.


We will also replace/upgrade some of our old school policies in line with new legislation.


Brendan McGowan